My Lent 2021 Bible jounaling Plan

I don’t know about you, but this past year has been… a little rough! Coming up on a year of lockdowns and political unrest, and I’m in need of some good, deep, Lent driven reflection.

I’m so excited for my Lent plan for 2021, and I’m excited to share it with you! I’m hoping to be able to complete all of my Lent studies this year (that doesn’t usually happen with me!) but I know with a baby on the way, that might be hard, since we might have a new family member in the middle of Lent!

But starting, finishing…. no matter what, I know that any time I spend in the Word this Lent season is going to be impactful. Let’s get on to my plan!

The Plan(s):

I’m going to be going through two different “studies” of sorts– one is more of a prayer and scripture writing plan, and the other is an actual devotional. I’ll be keeping both in a traveler’s notebook case, and bible journaling as I feel called to do so!

The prayer and scripture writing plan I’m working through is a totally free one from Llanet of Top Knots and Jesus. She’s got a fun community, videos, and free printables included for this fun and simple challenge! There might even be free printables from me! (There totally are 😉 ) For more information (and links to all the printables), check out Llanet’s Instagram.

Don’t forget to check out the free Pocket Letter Prayer Cards I have that coordinate with this challenge (and actually, go with the other study I’m doing too!)

I’ll also be documenting my prayers in my new prayer journal that coordinates with this challenge!

The devotional I’ll be using is the absolutely gorgeous “Field Guide to the Beatitudes Cards” from Illustrated Faith and Brianna Showalter. I absolutely fell in love with the concept and the look, and I can’t wait to make my own little “Field Guide” book.

Instead of using these as cards, I’ll be printing them out and pasting them into a very simple Traveler’s Notebook... I know I’ll want to add notes to the sides, and this will keep them all together!

So there’s my plan! Best guess to if I’m actually going to FINISH, but I’m excited to see what God teaches me through this season no matter what!

What’s your Lent 2021 Plan?

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