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Get Creative with Your Kindle: Designing Custom Case Covers

Hey friends! Allie from Allie Scraps here, ready to share an awesome DIY project with you. Today, I’m going to show you how to jazz up your Kindle with a super cool case cover using Traci Reed Designs’ latest collection, Equinox.

I’ve got an older Kindle, but no worries, I found this clear case on Amazon. (If you have a fancier, newer one, you’ll want to find a size that fits your kindle!) It’s made of flexible silicone and provides protection to the base of the Kindle. The best part? It’s just the back cover, which means we can get creative and switch things up whenever we feel like it.

I used the guide that came with my case (it looks like an iPad, but it’s for Kindles, I promise!) to measure the dimensions I needed. Mine turned out to be around four and a half by six and a quarter. Remember, it’s better to design something a little bigger and trim it down later than to come up short. Trust me on this one!

For the design part, I used Canva. I printed my designs two up on a page to save paper (because we’re eco-friendly like that), and I even added an extra strip to make the most of the space. Waste not, my friends!

Once you’ve got your designs all printed and cut out, it’s time to add those finishing touches. You can use a corner rounder to match the curves of the case or trace around the edges for precision. Personally, I love those rounded corners, so I’m going with the corner rounder. It just looks so polished!

Now comes the exciting part. Slide your masterpiece into the case, making sure it’s the back of the Kindle case. It might curve a bit around the edges, but that’s totally fine. It gives it that full coverage look! If you prefer a neater fit, feel free to trim things down a bit.

And voila! Behold the magic of your new, seasonal Kindle case. I’m telling you, once you start designing these, you won’t be able to stop. They’re all so addictive!

So grab your digi scrap supplies, log into Canva, and unleash your creativity and make your Kindle the envy of all other e-readers out there. Let’s dive into this adventure together and have a blast.

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